Weekly Charts

COUNTRY RAP WEEKLY CHART 4/30/2021-5/6/2021

In a pretty uneventful week the Top 10 spots only sees one change as Demun Jones and Moonshine Bandits swap spots with Demun moving up to #8 and the Bandits moving back to #9. The 11-20 positions have the most changes this week, although very trivial, as Bubba Sparxxx and Struggle Jennings swap spots with Bubba […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 4/23/2021-4/29/2021

It’s another interesting week on the Country Rap Albums chart. The Top 5 stay exactly the same but the 6-10 spots see things fall back to the old normal as The Lacs move up to #6 moving Kidd G back one spot to #7. The Moonshine Bandits jump back up to #8 after falling back […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 4/16/2021-4/22/2021

Some real movement in the first 10 positions this week as Struggle Jennings enters the Top 10 for the first time at #8 and is also this week’s greatest gainer by moving up SEVEN positions. Demun Jones stays in the #9 spot as the Moonshine Bandits fall from #8 back to #10. Kidd G jumps […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 4/9/2021-4/15/2021

Same Top 10 but it moves around a bit as Kidd G falls back to #7 and The Lacs move up to #6. Moonshine Bandits retake the #8 spot as Demun Jones falls back to #9 even though his weekly sales are higher than last weeks. The 11-20 positions see SMO move up one spot […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 4/2/2021-4/8/2021

Shake ups everywhere! FJ Outlaw spikes this week as our greatest gainer moving up SIX spots. Jessta James makes his chart debut. Demun Jones makes a move. The Top 10 scrambled a bit this week as Kidd G drops from #4 to #6 moving Adam Calhiun up to #4 and Colt Ford to #5. But […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 3/26/2021-4/1/2021

Not a lot of changes this week as the Top 10 stays exactly the same. The 11-20 spots see the Jawga Boyz jumping Bubba Sparxxx to take the #11 position as Bubba falls back to #12. More minor position changes from 21-30 as Cypress Spring takes the #21 spot from Anthony BEASTMODE who falls back […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 3/19/2021-3/25/2021

The Top 10 again stays mostly the same with only one change as Kidd G for the second time in three weeks jumps over Adam Calhoun from #5 to #4. The 11-20 spots are much more interesting, highlighted by our greatest gainer of the week Charlie Farley who moves from #20 up to #16 this […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 3/12/2021-3/18/2021

Earlier in the week I mentioned how Upchurch’s success could affect every artist in the genre; “Rising Tides Raise All Ships”. The release of “Mud To Gold” proved to do just that as almost every artist in the Country Rap Top 10 had sales increases of 15% or more. The biggest beneficiaries were Adam Calhoun […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 3/5/2021-3/11/2021

Not a lot of major changes in the chart this week as the top 10 stays mostly the same. The only movement in the top spots is Adam Calhoun moving ahead of Kidd G to take the #4 position. The 11-20 spots were also the same 10 artists but there were several position swaps as […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart – 2/26/2021-3/4/2021

SHAKEUP!!! CHART EXPANDS FROM 25 to 40 slots!!! We are shaking up and improving the chart this week. It’s no longer the TOP 25…it’s now the TOP 40 so more artists can see where they sit in the food chain. We’ve also heard your thoughts (and complaints) on who was missing from the chart due […]