Weekly Chart

Country Rap Weekly Chart 11/19/2021-11/25/2021

If you guys didn’t notice, Country Rap Insider took the week off. It was a much needed rest indeed. But even with the break in editorial, we couldn’t stop the chart as fans were still buying and streaming music. This week’s Top 10 is static in the #1 through #9 slots but Seth Anthony solely […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 11/12/2021-11/18/2021

Lots to unpack this week. We start with our TOP 10 where Colt Ford moves up ONE more spot this week from #5 up to #4 pushing Kidd G back ONE position from #4 back to #5. The real craziness starts at the bottom of the TOP 10 which this week is more like a […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 11/5/2021-11/11/2021

Lots of movement this week but it seems more like shuffling than actual big moves. The one change in the Top 10 is by Colt Ford who moves up ONE spot from #6 up to #5. Colt’s move pushes Adam Calhoun back ONE position from #5 back to #6. Nappy Roots and Seth Anthony both […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 10/29/2021-11/4/2021

No movement in the TOP 10 this week as everyone remains in the same spot as last week. Our first move is by Hosier who is up ONE spot from #12 to #11. Struggle Jennings also moves up ONE spot from #13 up to #12. Hosier’s and Struggle’s moves push Nappy Roots back TWO positions […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 10/22/2021-10/28/2021

Only a single move in the Top 10 as Adam Calhoun moves up ONE position to #5 from the #6 spot pushing Colt Ford back ONE spot from #5 back to #6. In the 11-20 section of the chart we see Hosier move up ONE spot from #13 up to #12 pushing Struggle Jennings back […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 10/15/2021-10/21/2021

Talk about “little to report”, this week’s chart almost mirrors last week. In fact, this is the least moves EVER. We have one move in the TOP 10 as Justin Champagne returns to the #10 spot up ONE position from #11. Justin’s return pushes Nappy Roots back ONE spot from #10 down to #11. Our […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 10/8/2021-10/14/2021

Lots of little moves this week. As our headline mentioned, Upchurch has regained the #1 spot from Jelly Roll who held the top position the past two weeks. Thus, Upchurch is up ONE position from #2 up to #1 while Jelly Roll is down ONE position from #1 back to #2. The Top 10 also […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 10/1/2021-10/7/2021

After an interesting chart last week, the top 17 positions this week do not change. The first change is at #18 where Overtime falls back TWO spots into a TIE with Haystak at #20. Overtime’s drop allows the following artists to move up: Nu Breed moves up ONE spot from #19 to #18. Charlie Farley moves […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 9/24/2021-9/30/2021

We knew it had to happen eventually. Just like Colt Ford had to pass the torch to Upchurch, it looks like it’s time for Church to pass it to Jelly. Yes we will hear the arguments that Jelly shouldn’t be on this chart because now he’s primarily a singer, but let’s keep in mind that […]

Country Rap Weekly Chart 9/17/2021-9/23/2021

The Top 10, actually the Top 11 spots remain static this week. The first change is at #12 where Struggle Jennings moves up to that spot from the #13 position pushing the Jawga Boyz back ONE spot from #12 back to #13. Jawga Boyz should consider dropping some new music soon as their numbers have […]