Our Top 5 Favorite Colt Ford Videos

Colt Ford, a pioneer in our genre is still going strong 10 years later. We thought we’d take a minute to share our top 5 Favorite Colt Ford videos. And Let us say it WAS NOT easily.

1. Workin On – A song that tugs at our heart strings and brings light to PTSD.

2. Truck Step – Straight out of a Florida mud hole, the video is everything the song means.

3. Back (Featuring Jake Owens) – We love this video because it makes us stop and take a second to slow down, go back to the simpler times.

4. Answer to No One (Featuring JJ Lawhorn) – A video that is just so out there and totally in your face. Never let anyone stand in your way.

5. My Truck (Featuring Tyler Farr) – Because it is hilarious. These two together are flipping hilarious. And they nail their spoof of Step Brothers.

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