Who Are the Country Rap Artists Listening To?

We know there is a lot of back and forth hate, drama and music that just isn’t so great in this genre. So, we thought it would be fun to ask some of these country rap artists, who in the genre they are listening to. A lot of them wanted to include more than 5 and add honorable mentions but nope… we made them cut it to just 5 and these are their responses.

No matter what genre these artists consider themselves to be in, today we will recognize them here. Who knows, maybe this will inspire a collaboration. Fingers crossed!  

PS – We added some random music in the mix because we can.

Charlie Farley
Yelawolf, J Rosevelt aka Danny Divebar, Upchurch, Demun Jones, Colt Ford

Big Smo
Demun Jones, Moonshine Bandits, Colt Ford, The Lacs

Big Po
Big Chuk, Upchurch, I4NI, Anthony Beastmode, Adam Calhoun

Long Cut
Demun Jones, Ryan Upchurch, Adam Calhoun, Charlie Farley, The Lacs

Rich Regal
Upchurch, Jelly Roll, Demun Jones, Bubba, Justin Time

Big Murph
Upchurch, Adam Calhoun, Jelly Roll, Struggle, Demun Jones

Birk Smith Music
Jelly Roll, Struggle, D-Thrash, Crucifix, The Lacs

Taylor Woods AKA T. Woods
Charlie Farley, Colt Ford, Upchurch, Danny Boone, Bubba

Jake Lacoste
Yelawolf, Bubba, Sarah Ross, Colt Ford, Upchurch

Conrad Bradley
Upchurch, Kelsoh, Big Murph, Adam Calhoun, Jelly Roll

Rich Regal
Upchurch, Jelly Roll, Demun Jones, Bubba, Justin Time

DJ Cannon Banyon
Charlie Farley, Young Gunner, Franklin Embry, Big Jimmy, Camo Collins

Franklin Embry
Jelly roll, Danny Boone, Charlie Farley, Struggle Jennings, Bubba

Mike Bama
Camo Collins, Bubba, Da PigPen, Cypress Spring, Overtime

Twang (Twang and Round)
Bubba, Big V “Nappy Roots,” Yelawolf, Big Chuck, Charlie Farley

Round (Twang and Round)
Upchurch, Haystak, Big Chuck, Tinn Mann, Anthony Beastmode

Tommy Chayne
Jelly Roll, Bubba, Cypress Spring, Yelawolf, Twang and Round

Big Kountry
FJ Outlaw, Rich Regal, Seckond Chaynce, Demun Jones, Moonshine Bandits

Will The Truth
Matt Townz, Mic manik, Upchurch, KelsOh, Mike Bama

Homegrown/Bobby Thorton
Big Smo, Bottleneck, Colt Ford, Big Matt, Twang n Round

Paul Roche (Cypress Spring)
Jeff McCool, Lenny, Colt, Charlie, and Upchurch

Tyler Ackerman (Cypress Spring)
Adam Calhoun, Upchurch, Yelawolf, Bubba, Colt

Kalan Miller (Cypress Spring)
Colt Ford, Charlie, Mocassin Creek, Katie Noel, Tommy Chayne

Wade B
Yelawolf, Struggle, Jelly Roll, Upchurch, Bubba

FJ Outlaw
Big Smo, Upchurch, Demun Jones, Bubba, Seckond Chaynce

Camo Collins
Yelawolf, Bubba, Demun Jones, Franklin Embry, Cymple Man

Boondock Kingz
Teacher Preacher, Big Krit, Struggle/Jelly Roll, Hard Target, Bubba

Matt Townz
Jelly Roll, Brabo Gator, Upchurch, Will the Truth, Struggle


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