We Know Eminen Is Not Country Rap But….. That new album..

Eminem is a legend. An artist who broke barriers when he came on to the scene. And the fact of the matter is, he is probably on the top 5 list of  all time favorite artists for a majority of Country Rap artists out there. Why? Because he was one first big white rappers.

Back when Eminem was was in his prime, a lot of the country rap artists, and country rap artist fans were younger. THIS / HE is what they were, what we were listening to. That sound,  the rap sound is what sparked the country rap movement. Country kids grew up  and took their love for 90s hip hop/ rap and mixed it with the lifestyle they knew.

We say all that to say this, the new Eminem album “Kamikaze” is out today and damn is it a good one. Eminem has fought people his whole career and this album is for them. Careers don’t die, only motivation.

Check it out on media outlets everywhere, but for the short term. Spotify has you right here.

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