Shotgun Shane – Free Mixtape ‘Redneck Remixes’

Shotgun Shane’s path to where he is now is  not the path most country rappers walk. Big stars like Colt Ford and Big Smo have used their country bona fides to move into a more mainstream space; a space Shotgun Shane has already been through, with even a modicum of success.  He appeared on two singles on the Ronnie Hudson – ‘Westcoastin’ album, but then decided to come home and try something a little more familiar.

Download or stream Shotgun Shane’s Redneck Remixes Mixtape at Live Mixtapes

In November 2015, Shotgun Shane released his début album, a self-titled project that included songs like “Drank Up”, “I Go Back” and “Round Here”.  At that time, I predicted that he had “the opportunity to become a force in the Hick Hop movement”

Fast forward to the present, and Shotgun Shane is set to release his first mixtape, Redneck Remix, a 20 song collection that reveals Shane’s interpretations of some of the top tracks in the Hip Hop Industry

The thing that I always like about when an artist does mixtapes is seeing the range, and with The Redneck Remixes, I’m left knowing that Shotgun Shane has the talent to do anything he sets his mind to.  He’s got a great singing voice (with and without auto-tune), his lyrics are solid gold country, his flow impeccable, and his delivery  that makes what he’s doing look way too easy.

There’s a difference between being on the beats and owning the beats when you do a remix.  Shotgun Shane makes every remix on Redneck Remixes his own. Pretty much all those beats are now Shotgun Shane songs,and when I hear the original, It will most likely sound like a knock-off.

Download or stream Shotgun Shane’s Redneck Remixes Mixtape at Live Mixtapes

On mixtapes artists generally have liberties to deliver their craft in a way a record label might not appreciate.  On Redneck Remixes, Shane tackles subjects  that reach beyond the mud pit and into real life talk and nothing’s off limits.  The labels may shy away from this kind of content, but these mixtapes give us a much more honest look into the artist as a person, even if it may be rough around the edges.

Redneck Remixes isn’t for kids, or anyone that finds offensive language and topics offensive.  It’s a mixtape, an outlet for the artist to try different things and if you’ve heard many mixtapes before, it should come as no surprise

What Shotgun Shane does on the Redneck Remixes may look easy, but don’t be deceived. I can count on both hands the number of artists in the genre that have the level of technical skills that Shane has, and I could drop a hand to count those on the list that have the singing chops that he has.  Every song on Redneck Remixes is a banger. As far as solo mixtape projects go, I struggle to think of many that are as good as Shotgun Shane’s Redneck Remixes.  You can download it or stream it for free at all the major mixtape sites.

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