Shotgun Shane… Bruh… Stop

So here’s the deal. Geesuz Lort this Hick Hop, Country Rap, Dirt Rock, Southern Rap, Hip Hop Country world is FULL of endless drama. And a whole lot of butt hurt pansy-asses too. It’s been this way since the beginning, so when shit gets stirrin’ there should be no surprise. However, this most recent beef between Shotgun Shane and Upchurch is crazy. Truthfully, I didn’t watch all of Shotgun Shane’s videos and read all his posts, because I have better shit to do with my time. But, I watched just enough to realize he done barked up the wrong tree. In case you live under a country rap fan rock, here you go.

Holy Shit, really? Let’s put it this way, 50% of music business professionalism is thrown out the window in this genre. But the drama is something we thrive on. We want to hate on those that start the drama, but man do we feed in to it like it effects our lives. News flash, it doesn’t. But we become so invested in our favorite artists, we feel personally attacked when they are attacked. So we fight back, we add to the drama and give that one person stirrin’ the shit, the attention they were seeking to get in the first place.  Shotgun Shane has spent a good portion of his music career stirrin’ the pot. But Adam Calhoun says it best in his recent, “Huck Fosier” video with this line –

“Half of yall can’t write a song, the other half is doing shit, they build it up and you ruin it.”

There are a few people in this game I wouldn’t fuck with,  two of those… Ryan Upchurch and Adam Calhoun. Look bruh, did you even listen to the lyrics in that song they did, “I got two graves dug, one for me one for the mother fucker standing in my way, and if I die tonight at least I can say I never ran away.”

Shotgun Shane has some balls for attempting to go rounds with this dude. For comparison purposes we’ll throw this out there. Just a few fan numbers for reference.

Shotgun Shane – 83,077
Upchurch – 2.8 Million

Shotgun Shane – 78,091
Upchurch – 877,371

Shotgun Shane – 23,400
Upchurch – 1 Million

Anyway, here is Upchurch’s response.

And  THEN there was a followup. Shotgun Shane realized what he did was ‘oh so wrong’ and disappointed his fans. We call bullshit. This is a manipulation stunt if we have ever seen one. Don’t fall for it, notice the plug for the new music? BINGO, motivation for the all the drama from the start.

But, Upchurch don’t play. You guys should know this by now. He too had a shameless plug at the end. But it wasn’t for new music. It was for a Youtube Red show. Now THAT is badass and we can’t wait. Way to seize that opportunity! Who’s winning now Shotgun Shane.

Upchurch has taken this genre to a whole new level. Most artists out there should actually be thanking him and his team for shining some mainstream light on this black sheep of the music world.

Anyway, we aren’t the only ones weighing in on this Shotgun Shane/ Upchurch saga. Incase you missed them. Here are some great reactions to the shit show.

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