HitMan – Truck Trails 17 Album Review

We gave a listen to an artist that has a very unique sound. HitMan, hailing from Alabama, is certainly worth a listen and we found a few tracks that had us really feeling this album, Truck Trails 17.

The album kicks off with “State of Mind” where Bates and up and comer Tommy Chayne lend their lyrics to open on a smooth note reminding you “it ain’t where you from, it’s a state of mind.”

MoonLight Shining” continues the smooth jam theme. HitMan raps about the girl he is hooked on while Jesse Howard adds a hook you can easily sing along with as he’s “wonderin’ what I’ve done to get a girl like you…”

“Raise Some Hell” brings HitMan, Jesse Howard, Tommy Chayne and Bates together for a song about the girl that’s “a wrecking ball with a heart of gold.” It seems like they all know one of these ladies as the guys depict their own versions of her.

“Sweet Home” takes you to HitMan’s home of Alabama “in the heart of Dixie” with Bates and Jesse Howard. HitMan takes the lead on the hook to this song showing you he isn’t just a rapper.

“Silver Spurs” had us thrown off with the name because the track title is never mentioned in the track itself. This is also one of the only songs that HitMan is on without another featured artist, but the song holds its own with HitMan throwing out some relatable visuals in his lyrics and a beat that has an old west twang to it. Overall it is a catchy track that showcases his talent and unique sound.

Reminiscing on days past, “Miss Those Days” has you going back in your own memories and vibing along with HitMan, Jesse Howard, Bates and Beamin. The guys all take you on a lyrical trip through some of their memories, but HitMan delivers the most visual verse of the girl that walked away.

“Infinity and beyond never seemed so far away” when you listen to “No Guarantee” and can hear the pain in the lyrics of HitMan and Jesse Howard. HitMan takes some credit in the song when he says “I can’t really blame her ‘cuz I did some bad things,” but that doesn’t change the sting of someone you love leaving.

“Do Me Like That” picks up the pace a little bit in mood and tempo with a feature from Jcrews, David Ray and TMP on the track. Continuing on a steady upswing in the album Tha Voyce joins HitMan for a collaboration. “We Keep Em Coming” changes gears with a confident hook and strong verses.

Bringing in the positivity “Enjoy the Ride” rings true to its name. The track sports a positive hook, and overall cheerful beat that makes you feel good when you’re listening to it.

“Country Boys” slows it down a notch as HitMan and Jcrews “crack a cold one, hit a dirt road” and “thank god we didn’t grow up in the city” as they embrace their southern roots. Finally, closing the album on a softer note, “Place of Peace” features Gladden Imhotep and Cadence with a soulful track of looking to the sky for comfort.

Overall we give the album 4 out of 5 stars as Truck Trails 17 holds true to its name. We could imagine trail riding or backroad driving and vibing to this entire album. It was an easy listen and we could get caught up singing along to virtually every song.

HitMan delivered with his featured artists but we would have loved to hear a little more of just his unique sound. We are definitely looking forward to seeing what HitMan will bring to the table in the future.

Give the Album a listen below on Spotify or YouTube and tell us what you think!


Truck Trails 17 on Spotify HERE!

Truck Trails 17 on YouTube!

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