“Diesel Gang” The Gucci Gang Remix, Who is Katie MacGalliard

In December, Katie MacGalliard aka Katie Noel posted a remix to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang.” That remix fit her lifestyle and apparently many other’s. Katie is a diesel fanatic, and at over half a million views on youtube, apparently she isn’t the only one.

Katie might be an 18 year old female high school senior with long blonde hair, but she is anything but intimidated by the seasoned, male dominated genre. In fact, she says it gives her fire to work harder. Some even referring to her as the younger, female Upchurch. She has a bold, American loving, take no shit attitude that resonates with the Hick Hop Fanbase.

Check the video out now!

So how did Katie get started in music? 

Katie’s PaPaw owned, “Country Roads Studios.” In 2011 when he passed away, Katie couldn’t bare the thoughts of his guitars going to just anyone.

“So one day I sat down on my computer and said you know what, I am going to learn how to play guitar,” said Katie. “So here we are, I taught myself how to play guitar, and just really got in to music, because it runs in my blood.”

Who are Katie’s musical influences? 

“Luke Combs and Ryan Upchurch those are my two biggest ones,” said Katie.  “I also really like Carrie Underwood, she’s great.”

How did the Diesel Gang Remix come about?

Katie said she has a love/hate relationship with Lil Pump, but when she says she hates the song Gucci Gang, she really doesn’t.

“One day I was just sitting on the couch, I was listening and I am a really big fan of diesel trucks, I just, I love them, I know a lot about them, love them,” she said. “I was sitting there and I was like, Diesel Gang… that flows. I probably wrote Diesel Gang in maybe 10-15 min.”

Holy Cow, you have 11,000+ followers on Youtube, did that all come from Diesel Gang?

Since Katie is virtually unknown to this world,  we posed the question how the heck did you get all of those followers?

She explained to us that on  the day she uploaded Diesel Gang (December 23, 2017), she had 125 subscribers. She now has over 14 thousand in less than 6 months.

“And the good thing about diesel gang is that it brought a lot of attention to my other music, because I don’t just do country rap.” She said. “I am an outlaw country lover.”

Check out the acoustic version of Diesel Gang here!

Favorite Country Rap Artist? Upchurch

Favorite Mainstream Artist /favorite artists? Johnny Cash, Still Drivers before Christ Stapleton left. (She loves Chris Stapleton)

“Bluegrass is my favorite genre of music ever,” she said.

Speaking of music, Katie is hoping to have new music out this summer. She has been in the studio working and has even confirmed she’ll be collaborating with Upchurch at some point.

If you are a diesel lover, you can also check out Katie’s apparel line at https://www.dieselgangapparel.com/

To Keep Up With Katie Noel find her here!




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