American White Trash Drops Tomorrow, Let Us Remind You Why We Love Cypress Spring

Kalan Miller, Paul Roche and Tyler Ackerman have something special, a unique brotherhood that consists of fishing trips, hunting, playing in the mud, drinking, hugging and loving up on one another… JUST KIDDING, they are more like the 3 stooges but a few of those statements are true.

This trio is entertaining to say the least. Have you seen their latest video for, “White Trash?” Where a bunch of rednecks battle some white collar business men? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out who comes out on top, but you can find out for yourself here.

The 3 stooges have an album dropping tomorrow. American White Trash and you guys, it’s pretty good. Sometimes we are special and get unique little snippets of songs on new records. And this one.. did not disappoint.

If you follow the guys, you know one of the songs on that new record is, “If Heaven’s Got a Dirt Road.” A song they asked you guys to send in photos of your loved ones that have passed. The song.. it will hit you right in heart strings. Make you reflect a little on your own life.

We’ve heard “America,” and we’ve also heard “Whiskey’s Always Strong” as an exclusive on another media site. The record includes songs about women, hittin mud holes, hanging out with your friends, a song about America. Honestly, it is everything our little White Trash Hearts desire. But we can sit here and talk to you all day about the new album, or we can remind you why these guys are a few of our favorites to begin with.

1 They came out of the gate strong as new artists with a song that to this day has almost 19 million views. “Way of Life,” includes some heavy hitters and the guys fit in just fine…

2. Way Of Life (Webisodes) The guys came in fast and furious with Way of Life the song. But who the heck were they? They came up with a fun clever way to showcase their personalities in their Way of Life webisodes.

3. “Drop a Tailgate” music video. At this point the guys had gotten their feet wet and when they hit us with this song, they showed us they could do it all on their own. They grabbed a few of their friends and dropped (pun intended) a song we can all relate to.

4. Kalan decided he could sing, not just rap. It was in 2016 we saw this acoustic version. News flash.. “Whiskey’s Always Strong” is on the new American White Trash album. OUT TOMORROW 10/12.

5. Kalan in a Denim dress and Paul in we’re not sure for Behind the Scenes of the “Denim” video.

Paul: What the hell do you have a fire extinguisher for?
Kalan: For this fire ass album we’re about to drop

6. Paul’s driving in This is How We Ride video featuring Charlie Farley. There is no doubt if all these guys are together, it’s a party. But Paul.. we’re going to need to you to stop shaking that wheel so much. You must have run off the road a million times, no wonder the boys couldn’t hang on.

7. Proud Americans – Say no more

8. They are all loving and proud dads. working in music is a hard life. But these 3 guys constantly talk about their kids in the midst of it all and THAT is something we cannot get enough of.

Paul’s Littlest

Paul’s Biggest

EIGHT. That’s 8 of the many reasons we love Cypress Spring. Just a quick reminder to you guys why you should too. Expect no less from the AmericanWhite Trash  album out tomorrow 10/12 on digital outlets everywhere or… you can just click this link.. http://averagejoesent.co/AmericanWhiteTrashAF

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