A Gallon of Milk Changed Adam Calhoun’s Life Forever

About 2 years ago Adam Calhoun ran out of milk, that empty gallon of milk would soon change his life forever. Having grown up not very well off, Calhoun did what he would have done as a child. He added water to his cereal, an action that would inspire his first video. A video he says it went viral.

Working in the trades and the union his whole life, social media wasn’t how he made his money. He was a hard working, blue collar American. Living the dream. Or struggle depending how you looked at it. As a single father, Calhoun had ups and downs raising his son as any parent would. And while his son has never seen him cry, when he goes off to basic training in a couple months, Calhoun admits he will likely shed a tear.

One viral video turned in to 2, then 3 and they just kept going. Calhoun soon there after, hooked up with Gruntsyle Apparel and started his own clothing line. Once those checks exceeded the money he was making in the Union he knew what he had to do. As most people like to destroy your hopes and dreams they too tried to destroy Calhoun’s. Doubting his ability to take his brand to the next level. But Calhoun knew what he was doing and the rest is history.

While Calhoun is known for his zero fucks attitude on camera and comparing the right wing to the left wing ideals, we caught up with him to talk music. Because frankly, it’s what we do and it is bad ass. You’ve seen it, and it you haven’t you have been living under some rock that you shouldn’t be living. Here is one of his latest videos.

Here’s the thing, a lot of people think Calhoun took on this music thing because of his social media stardom. That is entirely not true. At 19, Calhoun was known for rapping. He had deals on the table, big deals. But even at 19, Calhoun understood how important it was to be a father to his son. So he didn’t do it. He did not go through with any of his music offers instead, he man’d up and became the dad his son needed.

Fast forward a few years and millions of views later, Calhoun is on the path to independent success. A path not a lot of people can handle.  Calhoun said he is the machine and has has taught himself how to market his brand and grow his numbers. That along with his effortless ability to speak the words so bluntly that everyone is thinking, have quite literally made him a household name in true red, white and blue homes across the country.

When we asked Calhoun who inspires him, he told us his all-time favorite band is Led Zepplin, his favorite artist – Johnny Cash, and his favorite vocalist Eddie Vedder. But as a teen was heavily influenced by east coast rap.

Working on his second and third albums, Calhoun will have no shortage of bad-ass collaborations up his sleeve and if this collaboration with Upchurch is any indication of what is to come. We better  sit down, buckle up and get ready for this ride. Calhoun and is friends are taking this genre to the next level.

Calhoun bluntly explains the genre needs help and that there are a bunch of terrible artists in this world. However, a few of his favorites include Upchurch, Demun Jones, Struggle Jennings, Jelly Roll, Charlie Farley and Big Murph.

With all this music and plans on the horizon, where can we find Adam Calhoun? Until now, he’s stayed relatively off the road, passing up offers to tour. But it sounds like that is all changing and he has several shows booked this summer. We’re willing to bet if they are anything like what we see on social media we are in for the time of our life.

The independent game is running strong these days. These artists are taking their careers in to their own hands and making the lifestyle they have chosen more accessible by fans everywhere. And for that we are grateful.

Calhoun is ready to change things, his confidence and context has steadily taken him there. Not to mention his wit. And 100% proud to be an American attitude. Thanks so much for talking with us, we can’t wait to watch where this journey takes not only you, but this genre too.

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